About Tommy

I can certainly say I've won the lotto when you look at my life.  Yet here I am talking about my issues.  It doesn't make sense … and like a lot of mental health issues – they just don’t!

For periods of my life I've struggled with feelings of anxiety, where I have questioned my own purpose. I once had such high ambitions and drive to succeed – hook, line and sinker - I was sold on the life we are engrained to live. I began to wish away the work week to arrive at the weekend where alcohol became my favourite toy in the playground - my way to escape from the pressures of life and my anxiety.

I was stuck in this sleep walking routine of mediocrity, I had lost all momentum – and I still can’t explain why I had these feelings. I had tried everything under the sun to snap back into gear – float tanks, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.  Not to say these haven’t helped, but I had to sit back and ask myself … exactly what do I want to get out of life?  

It is now the time to get my shit together …