Day 1: Bekal to Kanjiradukkam

Distance: 16km

The nervous energy was runs through my veins. I really have no idea what to expect, and thoughts of where am I going to eat and sleep - two of our most basic needs - are now going to be unknown for the next period in my life.

It was a restless night's sleep - of course self-doubt keeps entering my mind. But I can't procrastinate -despite being in the comfort of the piggish luxury villa I treated myself.

I headed to Bekal Beach where I had a cheeky swim in the Arabian Sea. And now I am off.


Technology has certainly swept through India. "Selfie" is all the kids wanted.


As I went further on, I was invited in for coffee by a man who recently returned from working in Dubai. Family first. This conversation somehow escalated into a coconut oil massage. I politely turned down the full body massage, fearing it could end in a happy ending.  As I left he gave me a kiss and a massive hug. It was obvious there was no sexual connotation to what he was doing, just a kind-hearted gesture to show his love and respect for what I was doing. 


I pushed through the heat of the day, as just wanted to reach a destination with plenty of daylight to find a place to sleep.


This is where I met Thomas who offered me a place to sleep in his YMCA building .. An offer too good to refuse! Here I made camp for my first night. 


Thomas then invited me back to his place for dinner. As one of only 5% Christians in India we sang and said a few prayers. "Walk through the shadow of death" - at which time I almost broke out in tune. Once again the hospitality extended to me is overwhelming - an endless supply of chicken and snacks.

Now I'm lying here in my concrete sweat box,  listening to the crickets and chorus of prayers echoing in the distance. Despite my muscles and feet in pain - I feel I'm back!