Day 2: Kanjiradukkam to Malakkalu

Distance: 20km (allegedly)

Had a look at the map in the morning and decided to change my plans and take the scenic route. Google said only 4 hours. How was it wrong...

Early mornings and sunrises are something special. In a country with 1.3 billion people, which can be hard to fathom, there I was walking on the road, all alone, like I was the only one left on earth.


All day it was walking up and down hills and through small villages and rubber plantations - greeted with an assortment of looks, curiosity and laughter. 


It's been great to be invited into their houses and get to know already so many people. Most of all meeting Hans Moleman himself. 


What a hero - 91 years old and battling away. Jose - his son had grown up in the same house his whole life. He joked that he even got his wife to move in. The last few years he has dedicated to help look after his elderly father. 

Map struggled to load at a critical crossroads, went with my gut and it was wrong. Was just a bit of a detour before ending up in Malakkalu. My theory of - if a town has a name, surely it has a place to sleep - was tested and proved wrong. After a few conversations I was confused - but then I met Santhosh - who owned a car repair company - and he invited me back to stay at his place. Albin, his nephew, took me to his house where I was met by his wife and three kids. 


Real insight into the life of Indian rural life and food... As a guest, you have to eat what has been offered. Out of their homemade murky green fishpond - I helped catch my dinner - a 10cm fish. Can't think about that shit and got to go with it. 

Once again before dinner, had 25 minutes of prayer and song. Sat there pretty awkwardly...

Could not have asked for a better start. So humbled. Even despite the language barriers you find yourself sharing stories about your family and friends. Keep them close.