Day 3 - Malakkalu to Chemberi

Distance: 16km

Left to a heroe's farewell. Actually tough saying goodbye knowing that there is likely a strong chance you will never hear or speak with them again.

Day didn't go off to the start I wanted. Apple Music decided to delete all my Offline Music from my phone. But to be honest - I felt super antisocial having the earplugs in - and as much of a loser as this sounds - nature can be my playlist - have to turn it into a positive in some way! Haha ..


Took a shortcut and it worked out to be a treat before hitting the highway (the only way to my destination). Gave me further validation to the scenic route I took yesterday. Going to try and avoid these highways at all costs. Constant speeding trucks and buses taking on the corners like they are Webber.

Arrived to Chemberi - found this hotel right on the border of Karantaka and Kerala. 

And then came across a place making the best fried chicken I've ever tasted with this gravy - I found some liver in there - but don't ask questions - just eat!

Still finding that rhythm and balance of pace and stopping. Really gives meaning to not thinking of the end destination - have to enjoy every moment as never know what awesome opportunities might open up - whether it be people or sights to see. When that frantic mind is feeling rushed - take a moment to acknowledge it, before taking a step back to find your inner peace and soak up your surroundings.

Massive 30km day ahead! Legs are feeling good!