Day 4: Chemberi to Tala Kaveri

Distance: 38km

Today was one of the most satisfying feelings I have had in my life. I don't know if I was delusional but I felt a massive high as I nearly reached the peak of Tala Kaveri.


It was like the Col de la Croix de Fer stage at Le Tour - horns, waves, smiles and claps from the 'crowd' were continuous as they cheered me all the way to the 38km finish - the sense of accomplishment was real.

Earlier in the morning I felt this huge wave of emotion when I was treated to yet another meal. It's not the free meal - it is their generosity in the gestures they show - an overwhelming abundance of love that comes direct from their hearts ... Or maybe they just feel sorry for this idiot!

Different scenery throughout the walk as I gradually climbed through landscapes from dense jungle into lush green coffee plantations. The blind corners were relentless as seemed I had not made a dent in the mountain. There were reports of 15 rogue elephants - warning people not to go through the exact areas I was walking. As I've already had a near-death experience in Africa with Geer and elephants, I have learnt some life skills on how to evade them!

During the walk - I meet Verdot - a farmer - who invites me to stay back at his farm house. A bit of miscommunication - ended up being a small hut on top of the mountain - and he was leaving at 10pm. Nevertheless he gave me the keys and let me stay there overnight. We got some Indian takeaway - and had a drink of his Cashew Nut moonshine to celebrate. He almost drank the whole bottle and drove back that night to Kerala... Indian RBT tv producers would have a field day

I almost had a Kramer moment and burnt his home down due to getting over zealous with the candles. Not going to lie - was shitting myself when he showed me the rat holes - my biggest fear - hence the need for lots of candlelight!

Life is full of unexplainable connections and moments. This was one of them. At the start of the day I had no idea I'd meet Verdot and share an evening as we did. "Who is this weird Australian and what am I doing letting him sleep in my house?

Whether it be spiritual - or just pot luck - whilst I don't believe in a predetermined fate, I do believe that at times we meet people in our lives, brought together by our own energy and frequency levels that are put out to the universe and that seem to channel these moments that are so addictive - you just want more!

In all my adventures and life experiences, I still have absolutely no clue what life is all about. Nada. And it is something that is always on my mind. But what I do believe is that if you are a legend to others - the universe rewards and gives a lot back in return.