Going on a hiking adventure it is important to have the gear to be prepared for all potential challenges - whilst always keeping in mind the weight.

Due to the nature and length of my walk across India it was essential to travel light and to fit everything into my SUBTECH PRO DRYBAG 45L - durable and suitable for all conditions. All the gear had to be compact, flexible, lightweight, and high quality.

Hoka One One - I went with the Challenger and Stinson ATR

Hoka One One - I went with the Challenger and Stinson ATR

Footwear was probably the most important decision of the trip. I decided to bring along two different runners rather than hiking boots. Lightweight - the specialist running shoes going around at the moment provide you with plenty of support. Don't go cheap or Nike Air Max's that you wear with your chinos. Style doesn't matter when you're out on the road with nooone else around. I got fitted by the guys at HOKA ONE ONE - they are massive on the ultra marathon scene.

The next thing I had to think about was sleeping and eating. These are generally the more bulkier items in your backpack, but the Ultra Light range at SEA TO SUMMIT is an absolute dream.

  • Tent: Sea to Summit - The Specialist Solo - weighs only 630g! Great protection for all weather and it only takes a few minutes to set up.
  • Sleeping Mat: Sea to Summit - The Comfort Light - some might deem this a luxury item but your back certainly doesn't.  I've actually used this when I've had the option for a bed. Can't put a price on a quality night sleep.
  • Sea to Summit - Nano Mosquito Net. In a high risk malaria and dengue fever zone it was crucial to ensure it was Pyrethrin treated.
  • Sea to Summit - Silk Sleeping Bag Liner - The climate I am going through is hot so sleeping bag was not required. This acts as an awesome replacement for that extra bit of sleeping comfort.
  • Cooking: Sea to Summit - X-Series -lightweight, compact and durable. You have everything from pot, plates and mugs all that collapse inside each other.
  • Utensils:  Sea to Summit - Titanium Spork. Who needs a knife when you've got a Spork.
  • SOTO Stove - This little gadget attaches to the portable gas cylinders.

Clothes were a pretty straight forward process. You have got to go mongrel and pack light. The key for me was only to buy clothes that were breathable and provided protection from sun and insects. I decided to go with two collar shirts, two ADIDAS tshirts, two ADIDAS shorts, one trousers, two Bridgedale socks, and - don't vomit 1 three undies - go with the Merino wool - snug and breathable fit and hardly have a smell after a week of wear.!! With that being said, I am all about the compression tights - anti chaffing and super comfy. I get changed into 'fresh' clothes and thong at night for that bit of luxury I deserve. Even though no rain was forecast - the weatherman is not a reliable source of information so I packed a rain jacket.

Other items:

  • iPhone - My Map
  • Camera and GoPro - Enjoy the moment though!
  • SpotGen3 - GPS tracker and sends a message to let Mum know I am safe.
  • Headtorch for those early morning starts 
  • 3L Camelbak Stoaway bag to fill up with water from village
  • Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag: Holds my toothbrush and toothpaste - who knows - may get lucky!
  • Sea to Summit - Cable: A small bag to hold all my charging equipment.
  • Sea to Summit - Zip Lock Bags: have a range of these to hold a variety of things from sunscreen to my journal.
  • Sea to Summit - Travel Wallet: holds those crucial travel documents and credit cards.
  • SPF 50+ Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Knife
  • Medicines - Probiotics have been working a treat to keep my gut in great shape.
  • HYDRALYTE - Seriously life saving
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Reading Book - Plenty of time to kill!
  • Vaccination and Malaria Pills
  • Travel Insurance - Don't be an idiot and put yourself and family at risk!

Anything I have missed? What's your one luxury item that you could not do without. Leave a comment below.