Having a rest day today due to a niggling leg injury. I thought I would just provide a story of how Always Be A Legend was first coined.

It was on one of my famous or infamous first dates that I am known for. I have certain rules that I have learnt to follow now.

Do not attempt to text message your mates. Do not go near open flames. You get the idea... I'm challenged.

Anxiety levels.. Through the roof. 

Anxiety levels.. Through the roof. 

I should make girls sign a waiver before taking that 'worthwhile' risk.

Anyways - on this particular date I had just got back from overseas and pulled out my last $200 in my bank account. The lengths a guy will go to...

I arrived at the bar and realised I left the money in the ATM. People this stupid shouldn't be allowed to breed. Now this is going to sound extremely north shore privileged private school boy of me but I texted my mum (breaking a texting rule) and asked for some money to be transferred ASAP. In my defence I obviously paid back and was only going on my belief that I think a guy should always pay for the first date.

The whole time I felt like I was on a job interview and then out of nowhere I got the Hiroshima.

"So what's your New Years Resolution, Tom?" asked Julie* in that tone where you're on a job interview and you know you haven't got the job. 

"Simple - Always Be A Legend!" I responded.

"What does that even mean?"

"Be A Legend Always." I replied confidently 

"Did you just repeat that back?" she asked.

"Yep" as I filled and skulled my glass of rosé.

Bill please.

I came back home and had a good laugh with my room mate Cans about the whole date and Always Be A Legend was born. A laugh between the boys that eventually gained more substance as it actually made sense in a simpleton's language - to be the best person you can be and to make the most out of your life.

Hey Cans - 4 Years to the Day! 

Hey Cans - 4 Years to the Day! 

*Name has been replaced for the purpose of this story.