It was a slow morning. I always find it more of a challenge to get started after a rest day. However, once that initial hurdle is cleared the daily rhythm of walking becomes right on song - the power of momentum is magical.

Morning Coffee

I was starving and needed fuel for the engine - I kept the food coming as the locals sat there in disbelief with my eating display. I may be the first person in the history of an endurance challenge to gain weight... especially in India.

Entree ... keep them coming!
Walking alongside the Kaveri River

It continues to amaze me how just off the hustle and bustle of the highway - hidden and tucked away behind the trees and garbage piles is this openness and stillness that you wouldn't of think existed.

rubbish piles
My own sanctuary

Today it was like I had my own private sanctuary, large stretches where it was just myself. The birds chirping as I crossed through the bird sanctuary and into the waves of sugar cane, banana plantations and rice paddy fields.

The Man From Kaveri River

My sanctuary disturbed only by the farmers shouts as they direct the cows through all types of terrain and the trains whistling past in the distance.

Feeling like Eric in Bananaman

Feeling like Eric in Bananaman

As I eventually crossed the train tracks and through the trees and rubbish. I exited my sanctuary and arrived into a small city of Baburayanakoppal. Still is a shock to the system.

In the afternoon I explored Srirangapatna, famous for its temple, mosque, the fort and the Bank of the Kaveri River. I'm so often blown away by the architecture of places of worship - and the sheer amount of resources used!

Got to love the persistence of the sellers outside the tourist attractions - they will follow you around and try all angles - "Sir, you can't buy this anywhere else." "Many Australians have bought this." 

As I further reflect on the day, I am certainly someone who thrives on building momentum - in all aspects of life. However, this hasn't always been channelled into positive areas we normally associate with this.

Negative momentum or destructive habits can be overpowering as it is sometimes nearly impossible for me to maintain the positive momentum I want to build in my life. To combat this, I continually set these 'unrealistic goals' - only to beat myself up more when they aren't met - set up for failure before I even begin. I justified my actions, failing to truly acknowledge the negative impact alcohol has had on my life. This behaviour has been part of my identity, my ego that I have been scared to let go. And I'll be honest. Still am.

The initial challenge of losing negative momentum can be a daunting prospect. I should be comfortable with that anxious feeling of change. However, so often in my life when I am at my happiest - I have built consistent blocks for positive momentum. It is forcing yourself when you don't feel like doing something to fight against these feelings and just make shit happen and get it done - to try and be consistent. And like this morning, when I felt tired - my mind and body resisting moving forward until I forced myself to get started - to maintain momentum will bring you closer to that goal you have set yourself to achieve.