Starting in January 2016, I will walk 900km across India following the Kaveri River, one of the great holy rivers in India.

I’ll start the walk on the West Coast and head up into the mountains in Karnataka to the source of the Kaveri River. From here I will follow the flow of the river through the plains of Tamil Nadu and across the southern Deccan plateau to finally finish at the Bay of Bengal.

My plan is to not have too much of plan! Rather tap into the  thrill of an adventure and confront the potential challenges and dangers  that present itself along the way. Battling potential dehydration, uncharted roads, water contamination and any number of wild animals, I will aim to use the physical and emotional challenge to demonstrate a commitment to the significant challenge mental illness poses. The power of the mind is enormous to overcome any obstacle that presents itself!

As much as it will be a physical challenge, it will also be a cultural experience. I will stop at small villages along the way to get amongst the Indian culture; to provide a unique perspective on how they live their lives, as well as lessons that can be drawn upon to help put our own lives into perspective.